Jun 26, 2007

Swag bag goodies for Felt Club!

Yay! Today I finished assembling my 250 pin packs to be added to the swag bags for the upcoming XL Summer Felt Club event! I drove out to Hollywood to deliver the goods and my oh my, are these swag bags gonna be AMAZING! This time around Felt Club has recruited some incredibly generous sponsors. Most will be contributing mind blowing swag! The first 250 people in line at the event on July 15th will receive bags filled to the brim with goodies from contributers such as Sublime Stitching, Craft Magazine, Adorn, Izze, Aranzi Aronzo, Naughty Secretary Cluband Chronicle Books, just to name a very few! What I wouldn't give to be in that line! Wowser!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Woooo Congradulations! 250 packs huh! WOW!
Way to go!