Jul 14, 2007

Felt Club YAY!

I took a little blogger break this week to get ready for tomorrows much anticipated Felt Club.

FC has been all over the news this week, including an awesome interview with founder Jenny Ryan in the LA Times. I am so excited to see how this show is going to go, and to see all of the amazing vendors and classes! Hannah and I will be sharing a table! We have been setting up our mock design all week so that day of will be smooth as silk!

Oh, and the above image is yesterdays Etsy homepage selected entirely by the Felt Club! Etsy is one of the events sponsors and will have a table to greet people! The whole thing is just going to be a huge craft-athon event! I will be sure to take LOTS of pictures to share on Monday! If you are in the area and make it there, please be sure to say hi!

Craft on people!

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Anonymous said...

Great post! Congradulations to all that were picked to be on the etsy homepage! :) That's kewl!

tyn said...

I saw the pics- WOW! It looked like a great day. :)