Sep 19, 2007

SPC: bathroom-only one for this month!

This months SPC theme is "bathroom" which I am not so sure about. My bathrooms are hideous and the opposite of relaxing, and I have no desire to share them. However, last night I got to hang out with my niece and give her a bath. My sister snapped this shot, and it didn't occur to me until this morning while I was downloading from my camera that, Ah Ha! I do in fact have a bathroom picture that I can share. So here is my baby burrito! Little Emma, who is getting bigger and bigger everyday! I just want to eat her up!


Amelia said...

Oh gosh, what a cutie! I love this picture and your beadboard walls!!!


Georgia said...

I love this picture!! You look so happy in it, and she is beyond adorable :)


tyn said...

Don't you love being an auntie! She is a cutie!

platinum blonde said...

such a sweet photo!