Oct 11, 2007

NoHo was a blast!!

Last weekends NoHo Scene was awesome! There was a lot of great music and we were entertained all day long as we were positioned directly across from the stage! Also, there were a ton of great artists on hand, so there was a ton of eye candy! I dont generally spend much time in NoHo, but I really loved the area, and the art vibe going on there is just yummy!

This was an event that I dd solo, and so the thought of filing the tent on my own was daunting. I put my head down and plowed through everything, and all of the hard work certainly paid off. I am very proud of the pieces that made it to the show!

Because it was just me doing this show (without Hannah) I recruited my hubby to help me set up and hang out. He was taking candid pictures of me and the tent with his back turned and the camera under his arm. Sneaky little shit! He says that the pics would have been nice, if I didnt have poopy pants. Oh how I missed Hannah! But dont tell her . . . I dont want her to get a big head. LOL ;)

Thank you to everyone who came out and said hi! It really was an outstanding experience.

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1 comment:

ginny said...

Your booth and art looks wonderful! I just moved away from LA and so missed the show this year. It is fun!