Dec 10, 2007


How amazing is this photograph? This is a recently finished commission, 16"x20" and I just totally fell in love with the photo. It makes my heart swell! It is just incredible!

The deadline to have have your own commissions in for a Christmas delivery is Wednesday, Dec 12th, and the size is limited to no larger that 11"x14". If you have any questions, please contact me (michelle{@}michellecaplan{.}com) as soon as possible.

Also, the deadline for purchases from my shop to be sent via priority mail is December 18th (within the US). International buyers will have to contact me with detailed location info.

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1 comment:

Mod Mom Furniture said...


That's amazing! I love your artwork. My only problem is now trying to decide which lucky family member or friend will get this kind of tribute. It's so special!!

Good seeing you at the market on Saturday. You're a pro at balloons and I'm clearly not at ordering pizza on time.