Dec 19, 2007

Time, she is flying!

Hiya! I feel like I say this all of the time, but fret not, I have not abandoned the blog! I have spent the last week completing commissions and trying to get my own holiday shopping done. Just getting out our holiday cards is proving to be a test. I have a small stack left to write and today will be the day! I also have my annual cookie baking spree to undertake, which is fun. This year I am limiting it my famous Chocolate Chip Cookies and I am going to be ok with it! Normally, I also try to make rum balls and festive sugar cookies as well, but time is not on my side! At least the weather is rainy and gray today, so being inside and baking seems appropriate. Maybe I will throw on a little Ella Fitzgerald, her holiday album is my favorite for this year, and bake away!

BTW, have you heard this album before? I cant get enough of it! So sultry and festive. It just makes me happy! I got it on iTunes, but you can get it from that link if you prefer actually getting the CD in your hands. For me iTunes is a total saving grace, as I am generally very impatient to get my music once I find a CD I want. I have to have it NOW, and iTunes makes it just that easy. I am sure there are other services too, but as a Mac girl, it is all just too easy! (I love that I am saying this as if it were a whole new world of MP3s, like we haven't been downloading music for a few years now! I dont often take advantage of the simplicity, and get really excited by it when I do! LOL)

Can you believe how fast time is flying?? I feel like we just got the tree up, and now Christmas is less than a week away! Once I have cleaned up a bit I will snap a shot of the tree next to the fireplace! It really looks awesome without that gross lava rock! Finally, a mantle to hang our stockings from!

OK, I am off to make a mess in the kitchen! Wish me luck! ;) (By the way, how awesome are those pomegranates! Perty festive!)

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