Oct 26, 2007

Village Venture!

Tomorrow Hannahmade and I will be participating in Claremonts Annual Village Venture Festival! I have never done this event before, but have heard amazing things! There will be over 450 vendors lined up through the streets of Claremont village, which is an insane number! I am looking forward to seeing all of the different vendors and to a lovely, cool day!

The show is from 9-5 and we are booth #306.

Hundreds of children come dressed in costume and march in a kids Halloween costume parade beginning at 9:30 am so if you have a little one with a penchant for waving to the crowd, come early!! (Parade starts at the corner of Bonita & Harvard Avenues.)

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decor8 said...

I can't believe I will miss you on Design on a Dime. I'm so sad. Can yo YOUTUBE it for me or something and send me a link over here???

Oh and about the claremont thing, never heard of this but I'm super excited for you because 450 vendors sounds HUGE. I can't imagine how packed and how much business you'll have. Go Michelle, gooooo!

Blaze said...

Hello hello Michelle!

I got your beautiful print today, and I sent yours off in the mail, so you will be getting it shortly!

Thank you again! :) I am so glad to have met you!!


Mary Ann said...

Michelle - I tivod every espisode of Design on a Dime yesterday. Doggoneit. Did I miss it? Now I can't find the link where I saw it originally. Thought it was here. Must lay off the martinis.

Heather said...

I missed the show as well and REALLY want to see you in action! So please post where all of us who missed you can see a re-run of Design on a Dime. I love you work and would like to know MORE about HOW you create it. Have you ever considered teaching workshops? I am a photographer who recently started making mixed media art with my photographs. I am having so much fun with it and want to learn more! I visit your BLOG often for inspiration.