Mar 17, 2008


I know I am a week late with this video, as I am sure that everyone and their momma has seen it, but whatever! ;) I already miss PR! Every time Amy Poehler makes that BIG SMILE face, I cant help but think of her Kim Jong-Il impression. A cha cha cha!

Speaking of which, did you catch the Vanity Fair which feature the hot Female comediennes on the cover?? Awesome photo spread and article on the darling dames of comedy. I really thought it was interesting to hear about the boundaries they have pushed. It is so easily taken for granted how I, as a woman, have the ability to do as I please without dealing with really any kind of sexual discrimination. Every now and them maybe something very minor, but nothing close to the feeling of having to prove myself solely driven by my sex. Hell, you want to carry a huge stack of oversized canvas to the car for me because you dont think I can manage, be my guest! See, thats not too bad. . . . In all seriousness, it is empowering to read about what these ladies have accomplished. Check it out!

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Anonymous said...

It is nice to know that you being close ish in generation to me have not experienced that kind of discrimination. It shows me that things can change. I have experience that kind of discrimination, and it was disheartening that it would still be happening in the 90's to a woman who owned a business.

Anonymous said...

actually to any one-