Apr 18, 2008

I swear I am still a blogger!!! Dont take my absence as anything more than just my complete and utter overwhelmed-ness. Plus, I am a total dork. There is at least one thing a day where the "OH! I have to blog this!" light bulb goes off, and then I am knee deep in some other project or who knows what! I am getting emails of concern, which are so sweet and I am very touched that anyone has noticed my absence!

The past few weeks have been hectic to say the least! I have been doing shows and getting ready for upcoming ones. On the 22nd I am headed to NY for a 2 week Vay-Cay! I can't tell you how excited I am! There will be four days in the city, and then I will be headed to Long Island where I will become a Godmother (of the fairy variety, of course ;). Then hubby and I are headed out to Sag Harbor for a few days to visit our friends who just welcomed a brand new baby boy (Can't wait to meet ya Spencer!), and to eat cheese at their shop, Cavaniolas Gourmet (one of my favorite places on Earth!!!). Then, back to the in-laws for a few days of niece and nephews, sundaes at Friendlys, and no glue whatsoever! This is the best kind of trip for me. Long enough to make me really be able to relax, and lots of variety to keep it exciting! I haven't been back to NYC in so many years, and I will have four whole days to roam the Met, and the MoMA, and I have even promised myself a trip to the Cloisters.

Once I get back from getting all relaxed and chilled out, I have two really big 2 day art shows (details in the sidebar) back to back which is what I have mainly been focusing on in my radio silence. I need BIG art for these shows, especially as at one, I have to fill 2 canopies. I am looking forward to such big events. Really, these are the first "white tent fine art shows" I have done, and the nerves are kind of exciting.

So there you go! The blog intervention worked!! You can all thank Tyn for taking the time to nag me back into the Blogosphere! ;)

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Meg said...

so glad you are back, congradulations on the two big shows!

Marianne said...

Hi Michelle, glad you're back! Missed you... Enjoy your trip to NY and all the best for the 2 big shows. Looking forward to your next post.

Anonymous said...

well- I must say that nagging has always been one of my better points.
Thanks for the fries,and looking forawd to hanging on Sat.!

Leah said...

no wonder you've been away. you've got quite the full plate!! looking forward to hearing all about these big white tent shows!

Kim Bagwill said...

Welcome back! Just in time to leave again. Have a fun and relaxing vacation, we're heading out for two weeks the beginning of May, so I know what you're going through (okay -maybe not because we don't have any upcoming shows).

Furniture27 said...

Just came over to your site from deocor8. I really like the art!

firehead4 said...

beautiful and inspiring! are those two pieces by the fireplace for sale???

mcaplan said...

Hi Firehead4
Yes, the 2 pieces that are in the pic are for sale. If you would like detail shot or a price, please email me at michelle@michellecaplan.com
I am in the process of re-doing my shop page, so nothing new has been added recently, but they will eventually be up there too!