Oct 28, 2008

Where does the time go?????????

I am so annoyed with myself that blogging has fallen by the wayside! I love it here And I am going to work my butt off to not neglect my poor lonely blog anymore! I know I have said it before, but this time I MEAN IT! :)

So much has been going on. The hub and I decided we were going to re-do the closet in our second bedroom, which led to a major renovation, at least major for us. We found the original Parquet floors under the carpet in the closet, and decided it would be awesome to refinish the whole room, which then meant emptying the entire contents of said room into the rest of the house, (which became an entirely new project for bookshelves in the living room!) We sanded and refinished the Parquet, and the end result was awful. There were ancient stains that wouldn't come up, and after sealing the whole thing turned yellow. No thank you! So then we had to rip that floor out completely (see photo on the left of poor exhausted hub) and put down a new one.

We are thrilled with the end result, but what a long road!! It is now a lovely little guest room for visitors to enjoy!

In addition to home reno, I have been doing back to back art shows. Yes, the economy has been tough, but what can you do? I have had fun at each event, and have so much new work along with a bunch of really cool new images I am excited to get working on now that I have a week off!

Also been working part time at the very swanky and cool Henry Road. Paula is so much fun to work for. I continue to learn the ups and downs of owning your own shop (something I would like very much to do in the future). She has such a great eye for the totally cool, from vintage to new. I am getting better at arranging displays, which makes me feel like I am conquering the world! I am also the stores Fall artist. I have a had a fun few moments of people coming in and recognizing the work and not realizing I am the artist. That has been kind of cool!

My partner in crime, Hannah, continues her planning for a move to Portland, OR. She is super excited to leave LA, which I understand, but I am seriously considering hobbling her to prolong the inevitable. Would that be so wrong???? ;)

So for now, that is my update. I am going to try to be more regular with the posting! There is so much fun coming up. I want to make sure that I share the details!!! TTFN


Kim Bagwill said...

Oh no, Hannah is leaving for Portland? I'll help you hobble her. Good for you - finding time to post in the middle of craft season AND a home renovation? Now I look bad because I only post during "work time". Good luck with the shows!

Anonymous said...

That is why I NEVER clean a closet- it always leads so no good. BUT, I do love my new guest room- roomie. :)
See you soon! Oh, and though probably illegal, yes, hobble Hannah.