Jul 9, 2009

Join me this weekend at the Renegade Craft LA!!!

Over 200 vendors, ReForm School, The Urban Craft Center, and Swap-o-Rama will all be under one roof!

July 11-12, 11am-7pm
California Market Center, Downtown LA
HannahMade and I will be in Booth 149


kfm216 said...

I LOVE your work. Fabulous and beautiful! I was wondering about your process. How do you get the background pieces of ephemera to stand out in the blank space in the faces of your subjects, so that the faces are almost transparent? (Can you tell I am not an artist?). Keep up the amazing work!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I wasn't sure where was the best place to comment but I was looking at your site and your art is absolutely breathtaking! I love it.

I do Mixed Media myself (www.nikkiyeager.com) and just really respect Mixed Media as an art form. It's exciting to see someone who's getting attention for it :)

I'd love if you coudl check out my site! Let me know if you ever have shows or galleries in NYC!

Nikki Yeager

Griya Mobil Kita said...

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