Mar 6, 2006

I would like to take the time now to acknowledge a man who has gone out of his way to be supportive! Brad Bunkers is a super talented Graphic Designer/Artist living in Livingston, Montana. Recently Brad launched , an Online Arts Journal that is dedicated to getting the word out about Artists, Musicians and Writers. In its first month of launch, Hoboeye has attracted more than 500 readers to its pages. I am proud to be among the Artists featured in the premier issue!

Brads' own work is mysterious and intriguing. He has a very playful and expressive style that really attracts me. The faces of his subjects seem frozen in time. This work evokes so much emotion it is hard not to feel like you have witnessed these scenes before. They are subtle and familiar. I hear all kinds of music when I look at his pieces. Each one seems to have its own soundtrack. Check out his site to see more of his works. What do they remind you of??

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