May 8, 2006

Chic to Classic


OK- This is sort of my first Whiplash post!! This piece was not done over the weekend, but as I kept thinking about the theme, I couldn't stop thinking about this piece. I am posting it not to enter the contest really, but to give the piece a new life! It has been couped up far too long and I want to share it!

This is a collage of my grandmother. I used clippings from magazines and a xerox of a photo of my grandmother from 1937. She was 23 years old, and TOTALLY CHIC! At least when I look at the old photos of her thats what I see! And when I remember her visiting us when I was younger, I remember many classic things about her from the pearlized pink nailpolish she always wears, to her perfume, our Scrabble games by the pool, her way in general.
I love how she seems to be peeking out of the piece. I really enjoy looking at it. I need to frame her!

The piece is 6x8 on canvas board. Next week will be new work! I swear!


Funky Finds said...

Very cool Michelle! Nice work.

Funky Finds said...
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creative kismet said...

So So So wonderful of you to share this! Love the colors and contrast! A beautiful piece of artwork!

HildeC said...

A beautiful collage - I really liked it :-)

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

She was ahead of her time, very chic is right, You have framed her beautiful with your art too!!

imedaGoze said...

Oh, I love this collage, very cheery, bright, simply beautiful!!