May 2, 2006

My Badges are here!!

My order came from Prickie yesterday! I was so excited to lay my eyes on the cute little badges they do! I ordered a few out of my "shop" so that I could see what exactly they are. They're awesome! The packaging is really creative. You open the envelope and there is a little storage case for your badges! They are all neatly displayed and ready to go!
You cant see it on the Prickie site, but the etched ladies all have vibrant colors around the edges, wrapping to the back! Love them! Agnes is going on my handbag NOW!!!

(All images courtesy of my crappy digital! Please excuse the image quality!)


Funky Finds said...

Very nice! Seems badges are so "in" right now. Yours look great!

joy said...

they look great! love the contrast color edge...what a nice unexpected detail...

Maggie said...

If I remember this woman was done by an Italian artist that revolutionized the insdustry can you please tell me the name of the artist?