Jun 2, 2006

June Sale

In recent months lots of exciting things have been going on for me. My works are being carried by retail outlets and in the near future I have a few gallery shows going on. The prices for my work in my Etsy store will soon be going up to reflect the retail pricing. I do not want to be undercutting these wonderful venues and must therefore adjust accordingly. To help balance out the raise in prices I will from time to time be having sales and special offers to thank all of the amazing people who have helped sustain my art.

Soooooo, for the entire month of June anyone who purchases items from my Etsy shop and mentions this blog will get 20% off! Simply purchase an item and use the code BLOG in the notes area of the check out page. Ignore the prompt to pay and wait for me to send you a revised invoice. It is that easy!!!

BTW- I posted in March that there where 6872 sellers on Etsy. As of today that number has almost doubled to 11864. This site's growing like a wild fire!

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