Jun 5, 2006

How Did You Get Here?

**Update** I was one of the 3 grand prize winners! Yeah baby!!!

I stumbled upon a Call For Entries yesterday on one of the art forums I visit. The students at the Art Institute of California-San Diego came upon a grant from Toyota Motor Corporation to come up with a marketing campaign for the new sub-compact Toyota Yaris and decided to use a portion of the funds to launch a creative competition! As a result they have designed a website for creative people to come together, get inspired and showcase their artwork. The theme is "It's HOW You Get There" and each submission was to include how the art they where submitting led them down their path. The last day for entry was June 4th (lucky I saw it yesterday!) and all forms of expression from music and photography to illustration and video were welcome.

I entered the very first portrait that I did in the style that you see today. It is a piece very special to me, an image of my father done almost exactly 2 years ago, as a Fathers Day gift. It set me down the path I am on now and really helped me to gain the confidence to persue life as an artist.

I received an email late last night informing me that I was one ot the daily winners and am now entered in the final competition I believe ends today! Woo Hoo! I love instant gratification! Helps to balance out the anticipation that goes along with submitting work to shows and competitions that are months away!

Click here to see the full list of daily winners.


Funky Finds said...

Ok, blogger is ticking me off too. I can't upload any pics.

But can I just say HOLY CRAP! That's so awesome that you are a winner! I knew you were :) Congrats & fab work.

Jana Bouc said...

What a beautiful image--especially the not blue version. It's so evocative. Congratulations on being one of the grand prize winners! Do you know what you'll win? P.S. Wordpress.com has a way to automatically import a Blogger blog and start using Wordpress instead if you wanted to. I haven't tried importing so can't vouch for it.

susan said...

Congrats Michelle!
It never hurts to put yourself out there! Hope to hear from you soon...

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

wonderful!! Go girl! I love how you jump in and always make a colorful bright splash!!

christine Adolph said...

Hey Michelle,
Congrats! That is fun to win and it looks like you might have a prize in store too!

joy said...

congrats! completely well-deserved!