Jun 11, 2006

Said and Done

On Saturday my print arrived from the Said and Done collaborative project. I have been eagerly anticipating its arrival, and it is finally here!

Said and Done is a project begun by the students at the Alberta College of Art and Design (A.C.A.D.). Silkscreen prints are sent to artists who apply and are accepted to participate. The prints are 7" x 11" and are silkscreened with different backgrounds. The one I received is pictured above. There are no limits to what can be done to each individual print. It is up to each artist to leave their mark. I will post a quick shot of the finished piece as I package it up once I am done. Once all the pieces are complete and received back by A.C.A.D a show will tour around.
Click here to see the work all ready received back by A.C.A.D. You'll really like seeing the work of the other artists. The different styles and array of approaches is quite dizzying!! I especially like the Ephraim Chui, Scott Radnidge, Porous Walker, and Ian Francis pieces.

What's your favorite???

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