Jun 13, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday: Pop Art week 2

One of my favorite additions to my everyday life in the past 10 years, outside of my husband and finding my way through my art, is the digital camera. I love love love the freedom!! You dont have to snap off a roll, take it to be developed and then maybe, a few days later, you get a shot that you might like. The immediate gratification that is granted from the soft click of my Cyber-shot is priceless! I can be a fool, be careless and experimental. And if it sucks, DELETE! And if the lights not right, or its blurry, I get a second chance! Priceless!

My husband had me take pictures of the Elephant Ear plants his parents sent us to include in our Fathers Day card to his dad. While I was completeing my task I decided to have some fun! It was 8:30 am, the sun still low in the sky, and my shadow was so huge and tall it intrigued me. (This was before coffee. . . .) I then played around with the hues and filters in Photoshop.

This excersise every week really gets me to play and have fun. I get pulled away from the lists on my desk to just experiment, a word I use a lot, and I really like the freedom! Thank you to all of the people who participate and stop by to check out my pic for the week! I love seeing all the different imagery you all come up with, and the pieces of yourself that you choose to share!

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harmonyinline said...

I love it very creative!

sanders5 said...

This is my FAVORITE so far - really, really LOVE it! Very Adventuresome indeed - great texture.

ShandyKing said...

Very Creative!

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

I really like these photos, the color, shapes and texture are cool!
What a creative concept, I think I may have to join in the SPC!


Sarah e.Smith said...

These are great pics too! I don't know how I missed these on SPC...i love shadow photography, somethign I have yet to try...these are great!