Jun 26, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday: Pop Art week 4

I did a lot of playing this month with the pop art theme, and decided that instead of picking one image, that I am going to show 2 and then put Pop Art behind me. These pictures came from 5 or 6 minutes of standing in the house and snapping photos while I whipped my head around. I was trying to get movement, and instead I got trapped in a box!

I love the Self Portrait Challenge and each week have a great time being experimental and playing with my camera. I was going to choose just one, but then what? I'd have an image on reserve? Maybe save it for backup for a week when I am too busy to fulfill the commitment I have made to myself to participate in the SPC each week? No. I dont want to know I have backup! So here you go, two images I had fun creating.

This second one reminds me of the movie The Vanishing which kind of creeps me out!


Bohemian Girl said...

you have beautiful eyes.

Megan said...

Yeah, that second one's pretty creepy, in a good way. I like them both.

Funky Finds said...

I really like the 2nd one!

Kim Carney said...

Both are wonderful.