Jul 24, 2006


I don't know what to say. Over the weekend we hosted a Luau themed party for a friends 30th birthday and we had a blast! So much fun!! We spent all day Saturday preparing, skewering, tidying, and SWEATING! Why? Because on this very special occasion the temp. reached 119 degrees here in West Hills, CA. 119 with humidity. Yeah. Party!

WHAT??? I can't even believe that this is possible! When I think about how from the moment I woke up, until 2:30 am, I didn't cool off for a second long enough to even need to put moisturizer on my face(!!!) after a shower or a swim, I am beside myself. For the 50% of invitees who were brave enough to come to the Valley and bare the unruley heat and humidity, the saving grace was the frosted drink machine that was rented to constantly churn out slushy Chi Chi's and Hurricanes. Genius idea on the birthday girls part! Just good thinkin'! When the Flick'r batch is posted, I will link to it. I am sure the pictures are just hilarious!

So now, my good friend is 30, and in almost exactly 6 months, I will be too. I have a lot of work to do before then! I want to have curbed a few bad habits and silly issues. Enter the next decade a little lighter, in a lot of ways. Lots to do. Lots to do. . . . Once the heat takes a break. Too hot to deal now! Better to sit very still and only move my fingers to type!


Funky Finds said...

Glad the party was a success, despite the terrible heat! Stay cool chickadee.

THE B-DAY GIRL said...


susan said...

Sounds like a wonderful party! but those temps... oh my. We went to the movies and saw "the inconvient truth" over the weekend. could explain some of this freaky heat.
glad that she dove into the 30s so gracefully with you!