Jul 12, 2006

Childrens Portraits

These are two commissioned portraits I recently finished of a clients children. They were a blast to do! I love the little girls eyes, so huge and wide! Beautiful! And the little boy on a London Carousel makes me hear music! To do, todotodo dodo do do. (Like at the circus. . . . ) Childrens portraits are always tons of fun because of the parents excitement to get a portrait of their child. It just a great experience!

Cool Mom Picks
BTW-There is a really great write up today on Cool Mom Picks all about my commissions. Thank you Liz for the glowing words! I am blushing over here!


Funky Finds said...

Great write up Michelle! I love how she verbalized what you do. Terrific!

susan said...

very very cute children and great job Michelle!

tiffinix said...

These are both stunning. I love the layers you choose for each piece. They seem absolutely perfect for each child. The dog that swallowed a fairy. . .priceless!