Aug 19, 2006

Felt Club pics-finally!

I have finally uploaded all of my Felt Club photos. The experience was AMAZING! I was a really hot day standing out there in the sun, but I have to say that it was a great day. I enjoyed meeting people and talking about the art, although people were a bit confused by the smaller pieces of art. They thought that the 6x8 pieces were boxes of stationary. . . . Kind of weird, but I come from the perspective of intimately knowing each and every piece, so I know what they are. I have to remember that my style is kind of out of the box, and that people seeing the work for the first time need a minute to explore and get it.

I hope to be doing the October Felt Club. I have registered, so lets see if I can get in. The event is moving this month to The Echo and will be indoors, which I am sure will be like a dream! There will be more vendors too!

We spent a lot of the day moving our umbrellas around so that the lip balms and art wouldn't be in the sun. Thank goodness Tom, my husband, showed up with an extra umbrella! That really helped. And we were able to lend it out once the sun went behind the building and we were in the shade! What a luxury!

The classes that were taught were a huge success. Each one was packed! And the free ice cream definitely helped cool the masses down! Jenny, of Sew Darn Cute founded Felt Club, and does a great job organizing the event. There was a fantastic mix of crafters. I walked away with a fabulous purse from Queen Puff Puff. I love it! And so does Tom, who hates digging through huge purses for items I request while driving! That drives him NUTS!

The rest of the pics we took can be seen here. We were so overwhelmed on the actual day that I forgot to walk around and take pics of the event as a whole, but you can see images at the Felt Club Flickr Group.

I realize I keep saying we, and I should elaborate! My friend Jamey, who you have all heard about by now if you are a reader of this blog, was a fantastic help on the big day! She is a great person to have in your corner! She has a shop on Etsy called Bath Chick. She is like a mad scientist! She makes the most divine bath bombs I have ever experienced! (They were a huge hit!)

We collaborated on the Lip Balms. She took piece of my art and created flavors inspired by those pieces. They were a big hit! People got to test them out and really enjoyed that they are all natural. This girl knows what she is doing! I am totally addicted! Lately, that is what Tom is digging out of the purse! Lip balm please!

All of the pieces and items that remain are now listed in my Etsy store.


Funky Finds said...

Your booth is so well put together. I really like all the packaging & labeling. So eye catching & appealling. Very important, in my opinion! Not to mention your fab work itself!

decor8 said...

Yeah Michelle! :)
Great exposure for your beautiful work AND I'm happy you've registered for the Fall event, indoors!

Glad you're back and bloggin'.


Ouissi Gresty said...

The stall looks fabulous...such a wonderfful range of products...

Ouissi x