Aug 18, 2006

It's all uploaded . . . FINALLY!

I just spent the entire day getting all of the new work and merch into the etsy store. I am ecstatic to have it all done! The lip balms photographed really well, as did all of the onesies! I am always relieved when the photography goes smoothly! Lighting can be tricky with no proper set up. That is why most of my images are shot in the backyard! I have to say I have grown fond of the grass and hedge backgrounds though!

I also updated the bookplates, magnets and pins with photos of the final packaging for each. I adore how the pins came out! The bright colored felt is so fun!

If you do check out the Etsy shop, be sure to click passed the first page. I uploaded a lot of art yesterday and it has already fallen to page 2 and beyond! I cant wait for V.2 of Etsy! Sounds like there will be better organizing options then!

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