Sep 22, 2006

Designers Who Blog

Thank you to Designers Who Blog for featuring my blogs in the last couple of weeks!


Cat said...

You are more than welcome Michelle. It was my pleasure!

Toni said...

Came across your blog from designers who blog.
Lovely portait collage work.

I have a question. How did you get your older posts to beta blogger? i want to switch but did not see how.

mcaplan said...

Hi Toni-
When I switched, Blogger did it for me. It moved all of the posts.

Sorry I dont have more info to offer. Blogger should qalk you through it step-by-step!


Toni said...

Thanks Michelle,
I'll just have to look into it more and perhaps contact blogger.

I'll be back you have a great blog.
thanks again

Toni said...

Oh BTW this profile will take you to my regular blog. thanks again