Sep 22, 2006

Lovely Collection!!

Have you seen the Etsy homepage today??? There is an awesome collection of collages, and I think the page looks fantastic! So colorful and vibrant! There is a lot of movement and expression. And yes, that is Helen peeking out in the center of the bottom row . . . but I am not biased! ;) All of the artists are really great and I am proud to be listed with them!


Paulette said...

Oh that is so cool! Congrats on Helen being featured!!! She's wonderful! Oh and I saw that another artist I love has work featured too...Misty Mawn. So I went over on her blog and let everyone know. :)

katiek said...

I love your Helen piece! I hunted you down from the etsy page. Congrats on getting featured!

mary richmond said...

i thought the same thing when i saw this page--it came together so nicely--good call ;)