Dec 15, 2006

Illustration Friday-Help!

I was pretty stumped by this weeks IF theme help. I started thinking about what will be going on in our home in the coming months and in February we will be starting to rip down walls and redesigning our kitchen. In my head I am sure I will be screaming HEEEEELLPPPP!!!!! While I know my husband and brother-in-law are very proficient in demolition (Heck, I can rip down a wall!) and in framing, etc, I do worry about the electrical and plumbing work! I am of the opinion that if the result of not knowing what you are doing can either burn down or flood the house, hire a professional!

So there you go! This is John2. He is an proficient in the electrical arts . . . and kind of hunky too! I wouldn't mind having him over to rewire some outlets! Ha!

Have a happy weekend!!


carla said...

Good luck with your home projects...they are so traumatic, but hopefully the results will be wonderful. Your John2 looks very professional, and he has dreamy eyes! Just look at him and take some deep breaths when your husband and b-in-law start making you nervous:>

studio lolo said...

Every red-blooded woman can use alittle handyman help...if you know what I mean ;p

Brine Blank said...

Okay...don't take this the wrong way...but when I look at your picture and see the 'electric shock' text...and the guy...with the theme for help...I'm getting a bit of 'electric chair candidate' here...but I still like it in a spooky way...

mcaplan said...

Thanks Carla! I think that booze may be my friend that week!

Lolo! HA! I just so happen to know exactly what you mean!! LOL

Brine, no offense taken! In another life he could certainly have been a resident of the Green Mile!

Happy Holidays everyone, and thank you for your comments!