Mar 26, 2007

Funky Chicken?
A very well kept secret is that I am a big fan of educational TV. Last night I was engrossed in the new Discovery Channel Series Planet Earth. Did you see it?? Last night were the first 3 episodes, and there are 11 in total. They were just amazing! All I can say is that the footage is so rare and gorgeous, I wish I was in an IMAX theater! All of the unusual animals were breathtaking. My favorite vignette was a bit about Birds of Paradise in New Guinea. It was a segment in the "Poles to Poles" episode, and it showed the mating rituals of these ornate and colorful male birds. They danced around trying to impress the females. It was both hysterical and elegant at the same time. The above picture is of the Blue Bird of paradise (Yes, that black oval with the teal is a bird!) trying to woo that lady bird!

You can see a short clip of this segment if you click here, select the second tab (Planet Earth Highlights, like in the pic) and scroll down to close to the bottom to the birdie bit.

I wish I could link you right to it, or have it plugged in here, but Discovery Channel doesn't make it easy! Try to catch the episode on Discovery so you get to see the entire segment. It was inspiring!


Anonymous said...

I can't say that I watch that channel that often. Shoot now that I think of it...I don't watch ANY channel that often. LOLOLOL Just stopping by to wave and say HEY!
Can't wait to see your next piece!!!

terri-tls design said...

Hi, I'm Terri and I have been reading your blog for a while now....I admire your artwork and have always wanted to comment on your great work and fun posts, but being a "virgin blogger", I felt a little intrusive--finally, I have the courage to speak!!!--we do have so many similar interests and appreciate a lot of the same things. OMG I'm creeping myself out...I sound like a stalker.......I'm not!!!! Anyway-I LOVED THE PLANET EARTH! We watched on a 52" high def and were amazed! It was all great-but I loved the slo mo of the shark-kinda sad for the seal, but an awesome bit of photog.....Anyway,,,Thanks, for making my job bearable, I usually check your blog while I'm at my horribly boring job!!! I always look forward to seeing your incredible work-T.

stilettoheights said...

Oh, you know I miss having cable sometimes, I was a Discovery Chanel freak, I love anything to do with sharks, so shark week was my favorite!!

mcaplan said...

I loved the whale footage! It was amazing to see it come out of the water and nab that poor seal. I was just trying to imagine being in a boat, peacefully sailing along, and then this huge whale jumps out! I am sure I would pee my pants!

The whole series is just remarkable, and full of scenes that are so inspiring! I cant wait for this Sundays episodes!