Apr 1, 2007

Happy April Fools~!!

I had to just writ a quick post and wish everyone a happy April Fools Day!! I hope you haven't fallen for some crazy gag! You had better believe I have had my eyes peeled all day for tricksters! We have spent the whole weekend replacing flowers and plants that we lost in the crazy frost we had in So. Cal in Feb. Now there is lots of color and life in the yard!

We decided to go completely tomato this year in the veggie garden. We like them the best anyway! The herbs are also all ready for cooking!

OK-gotta get back out there and paint the garden closet before Tom catches me blogging! LOL It is Sunday after all!


Anonymous said...

How beautiful! My dad had a garden in the backyard that was planted tomatoes...etc. It's sooo fun! Smells wonderful! Anyhooo this looks great girl!
As for tricksters....nope haven't run into any yet. I'll keep an eye out though. *Looks to each side*

stilettoheights said...

beautiful work in the garden, it reminds me of my childhood!!