May 16, 2007

Snip snip here, snip snip there

Hard to believe it was 1 year ago when Jamey loped off her locks to donate and inspired me to do the same. I am so excited to say that today is the day! This morning I am off to see Brig for a long overdue and well deserved hair chopping. Not just a cut, but a total chop! I will mail off the ponytail and say adieu!! I think it is an awesome thing to be able to make such a huge contribution to someones life by really just doing nothing out of the ordinary other than growing your hair! I wish we could see after pics once the hair is utilized!

I haven't had long hair like this since high school, and now I remember why! It is just too much to handle. I feel drab and heavy headed under all this length! It is always a fun challenge to see how long I can take the growing. I am now saying uncle!

I followed this poor woman and her friend to a few booths at the Rose Bowl on Sunday trying to catch up to them and ask if I could snap a picture of her lovely haircut. (Yes Tyn, I totally stalked her!) So this may be my new do. If anyone can make that happen, it is Brig! Not sure I will go blond, but you never know what may strike my fancy. . . .

I will be sure to post some after photos later on!
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1 comment:

Fresh Floral Art said...

You are so gracious to give to locks of love. Love the new haircut.