Aug 15, 2007

SPC: Patterns Wk2
I have never been very good at keeping up appearances when it comes to hair dyeing. There are at least 100 things on my to do list ahead of "get my roots done." But that is not how the life of a bottle blond goes.

My second Patterns photo is the last that will be seen of my blond hair. Tomorrow I go back to being a brunette. It was fun to revisit my towheaded childhood days, but I just cant keep up! Every 6 weeks my skin starts to itch at how ridiculous it looks to have 3/4 inch roots haloing my forehead every time I pull my hair back. That tell tale skunky pattern that labels me uninterested in my appearance and too lazy to haul ass to the salon. I do care! I swear! Furthermore, I love the salon I go to, and the fantabulous hair genie that is Brig, but this is slightly ridiculous.

And just as my poor niece had figured out that I was the same Aunt Mimi that had the long brown hair. . . .

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1 comment:

Rebekah said...

Oh, too funny! I wish more bottle-blondes would have the guts to go back to brunette, and save themselves from that tell-tale skunk pattern :) Post a picture of your "new" hair, too, so we can tell you how great you look :)