Sep 9, 2007

Opening Success!!

A quick THANK YOU to everyone who came out last night to check out the show! I am always so nervous at these events and I had a really great time! The feedback was super positive which made my leap out of my "portrait box" a lot easier! (duh, right!) Sometimes you just need to stand in a room with complete strangers and hear a nice comment to feel like all is well with the final outcome!

I want to make sure to say a HUGE thank you to Kelly, owner and genius behind Regeneration, for all of her kindness and support! I am really flattered and proud to have been asked to hang in your lovely shop!!!

The totally awesomely talented CJ Metzger came out to see the show and I am so honored that she decided to add this piece to her personal collection. The surprise bonus of the night is this picture, of CJ with antlers. When I put the camera card in the reader and this popped up, I laughed out loud. It is kismet!! I love it! Thank you CJ!

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Anonymous said...

Great opeing!! The work looked so wonderful.
Loving the antlers

Funky Finds said...

you look gorgeous! congrats on the successful show. so wish i could have been there. the gallery looks fabulous!

paola said...

Buggerit. I quite fancied that picture myself.

The opening looks great and you look fabulous.