Sep 10, 2007

September Artist at p!ay

I have really had mush for brains for the past week 2 weeks or so! I am so scattered all over the house and everything is a mess! I completely neglected to blog about my pieces being on display for the month of September at p!ay Hair Lounge in Simi Valley, CA.

Let me tell you a little bit about p!ay. Depending on how often you read this blog you may have heard me talk about the ├╝ber-talented Miss Brig who was responsible for my blond-ness, and more recently my, my brunettey-ness. She is so good at what she does that I only have to say a sentence or 2, and I am all set. This is the easiest my hair has EVER been, and I have some annoying hair, so that says A LOT!

About a year ago Brig opened her own salon taking a fresh approach to the boring old salons. Each station has personalized Barbie that represents the stylist who calls that spot home. (This one's Brig!)

Everything about the place is personable and awesome. No wonder it is a wild success! All of the stylists in the joint are totally funky fresh, and at the tippy top of their game. Every time I am there the place is jumping. Because Brigs approach to her business is so new and fresh, she and the folks over at Bumble and Bumble are BFF's, so much so that they just flew Miss. Brig out to the B&B Headquarters in NYC to give a speech. She is just too much!

What was my point. . . . oh yeah, so, I am the featured "Artist Every Month" for September. Every month there will be something new and cool hanging in this area. It is lots of fun to check out the newest installation while your head is wrapped in foil! If your in the area, get over there and check out p!ay!

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