Nov 1, 2007

Where have I been???

Hi, hi! Sorry for the silence! I have been keeping very busy and trying hard to get myself ready for the numerous upcoming shows! I am getting lots of orders and inquiries and it is all so lovely and yet overwhelming! I am glad to be busy, but feel horrible for not blogging more!! Funny how when there is lots to talk about, there often isn't the time to blog! Catch 22 indeed!

I want to thank everyone who has emailed and posted to ask about the Design on a Dime airing. As it turns out HGTV had the wrong date listed, and so the episode hasn't aired yet! When it finally does they will contact me directly and we will have the right date! Thank you for tuning in to try to catch it though!! ;)

I so excited to share with you my newest acquisition! I stumbled across an awesome blog called Hyena in Petticoats not too long ago, and FELL IN LOVE with Leahs Nongs! She has created the most fun stuffed toys, some with hand knit sweaters! Couldn't you just die! They are amazing. Yesterday my Nong, #12, arrived, and I'll tell you, it was just like an early Christmas! The whole package was well though out and so much fun!

The envelope contained a lovely letter from Leah introducing #12, and a few pieces of ephemera I cant wait to use in a piece!

And here is a shot of me with the Nong for scale, because I know that when I first saw them I thought they were smaller than they are! Really, they are totally cuddlable! He is a big guy complete with a hand knit sweater and toggle buttons! I just love this piece! Thank you so much Leah!!!!! (By the way, Leah has an Etsy shop too! Now you can score a Nong!)

Also, on her blog there is also a tutorial for an EXQUISITE quilt Leah has made! I really want to make one in the new year! (Hint hint Tyn ;) It is called the Cathedral Quilt. Oh my is is gorgeous!!!

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Tyn said...

darlin' that quilt is BEAUTIFUL-, but I ain't makin' it! Too hard for me. I'm simple.

Hyena In Petticoats said...

Michelle, you are FABULOUS.
I'm so glad you liked your Nong - make sure you let me know when you decide on a name!
The photos you took are glorious, and thankyou for all the link love too.....
It's wonderful to see one of my toys go to such a loving home.

Leah xxxx