Nov 2, 2007

IF: Hats

This is a piece I finished last week and thought would be very appropriate for this weeks IF theme hats.

Hate to post and run, but lots to do!! I will be returning in a moment with info on this weekends event! It is going to ROCK!
Happy Friday!!


Rrramone said...

Nice one!

Am I invited??

Melissa Kojima said...

Soooo nice. Yeah, who's invited? And what are the details? Have fun!

mcaplan said...

LOL, you guys totally had me scratching my head! This weekend is the Patchwork Show in Santa Ana, CA and EVERYONE is invited!! Click here for the info:

Be sure to say HI!!


very chic...makes me think of my dad and how he always wore a hat....those were the days !!

Elizabeth Parsons said...

nery nice- my dad always wore a hat just like that one...miss him and the hat!

imwithsully said...

very cool!

joan said...

Michelle I have loved your work forever and this one I love even more.
Please tell us we didn't miss you on 'design on a dime'... please!!!