Nov 20, 2007

SPC: What I wear, wk3

This morning it is really chilly in my studio! I sit here bundled up in a scarf, knit for me with love by a dear friend, with 30 cables, for my 30th birthday last January. It was her first completed project, and I think of her every time I wrap it around my neck! Now that she lives in NYC, I miss her soooo much, and hope she reads this and wants to come home! ;)

I am kind of intrigued with how it feels to post such a messy picture. Bed head and a scarf over my pajamas . . . if it weren't for the built in camera in the computer, I wouldn't bother to take the pic, but it is so easy. And in that, there is a lot of honesty. More so than I would normally feel comfortable sharing here in cyberspace. I am, after all, a professional, right? Must present myself as one at all times? No?

Then there is the artist in my who loves the honesty of the moment. Steam rising from my tea cup, sleep in my eyes. Hair in every direction. For all the world to see! Not the ideal, but it is the truth. I am just a girl, in the early hours, trying to read my email, and get a little warmth!

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Colorsonmymind said...

I love the honesty-and the light fvrom that window is fabulous! Great place to sit in the am:)

Anonymous said...

OMG you are so cute with your scarf and perfectly cute hair and sleepy eyes!