Nov 20, 2007

Felt Club recap!

This winters Felt Club was a blast! There were actually people in line at 8:45am ready and waiting to grab their swag bags and shop 'til they dropped! (Doors didnt open until 11!!!) We had a great time and the new venue was awesome! For the first time, we all had our own tents, as opposed to just a 6 foot table, and it was nice and roomy! There was so much fun stuff to do and see!

The Maker Square was a hoot! This was a 5 foot tall replica of a vintage Atari Joystick that actually worked! Too cool!

A big highlight was when Kate Flannery walked by, and despite not being able to remember her name, I made her take a picture with me so that I could make hubby jealous that he didn't come to FC. Unless you live on another planet, you know she plays the absolutely hysterical Meredith on The Office. In my head, all I could see was her asking Jim to sign her pelvic cast! (she cracks me up!) She was a fantastic sport and very kind even though I was nutso! Thank you Kate!

The now blog-infamous Brig stopped by and decided to give Hannah a bang trim on site, in the dark, with craft scissors! It was quiet a site to see! Despite less than ideal conditions, Miss. Brig was still able to rock those bangs!

You can see the full set of pics I took at the event here.

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1 comment:

Christine Marie said...

I'm always so envious of your talent,but now I'm just flat out jealous at the cool events you have in California! Felt Club must have been a blast...thanks for sharing the pics. -- Chris in Boston