Dec 4, 2007

Commission Crunch Time!

This is one of my most recently finished commissioned pieces, done as a gift for this couples 40th wedding anniversary by their children! It was amazing to learn all about their lives and an honor to know their story!

As far as getting a piece done for your family for this Christmas, crunch time is here! I have been getting a lot of inquiry emails about having custom commissions done in time for the holiday, and so here is the info ya'll need! The deadline for ordering is by Dec. 11th, and that is pretty firm due to shipping time needed. Don't hesitate to contact me after that date, as I may be able to work with you in time, but there is no guarantee for a Dec. 25th delivery.

Anyone local should contact me directly as delivery by the 24th wont be a problem if I can drive it over to you! Download my brochure here. (a PDF will be downloaded.)

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