Dec 5, 2007

I am having a HUGE Holiday Blowout Sale!

I cant believe that it is already December, and that we are well on our way to a new year! Despite the fact that we started seeing holiday gear in the stores in August (yuck!), it seems like the season is flying by at new record speed! If I dont get some lights up soon, I will be just in time to take them down!

2008 is going to bring a lot of changes around here as far as my focus and style is concerned. While I will still be doing commissioned portraits for clients, I will be switching gears and re-inventing my works. I have a sketch book that is over-flowing and I am ready to get busy! I am sure that portraits will be a part of the things to come, but I am going to be branching out, exploring and experimenting! I am going to be starting off the new year with a big surprise. . . . I am not quite ready to reveal the details yet, but I hope that I have peaked your interest!

With all of that said, I am excited to announce that the last pieces of 2007 have been uploaded to my Etsy Shop, and I am having a blowout holiday sale to help clear out and make room for the new goodies!! Most pieces have been marked down u to 30%! SO go get some Holiday shopping done! And remember to buy as much handmade as you can!

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

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Mary Ann said...

A sketchbook loaded with ideas? Unfolding secrets and surprises? Sounds very enticing. I look forward to seeing what unfolds from your art brain.

One Love Photo said...

Mary Ann says it best! Thanks for the Totes and Print! Love them! I was going to give the totes away as gifts BUT I couldn't help myself and started using one this week. My sister will get the other one. I am going to fill it with fun little things for Christmas. I really think you should teach a workshop!