Jan 24, 2008

Good Golly Miss. Holly!

I was contacted about a week or two ago by a write from the Boston Globe asking me a few questions about Holly Becker and this tiny little blog she writes. You may have heard of it . . . it is called decor8! (as if there is any person with an internet connection in the free world who hasn't heard of it! LOL) Well, I was more than happy to sing the praises of my dear cyber-friend who changed my life in 2006 when she introduced me to blogging! Anyway, the piece was published today, and it is a great article!! You can read the article here, and all about Holly's reaction here! Way to go Miss Becker! You deserve every word! ;)

(All images courtesy of decor8)

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1 comment:

decor8 said...

aw michelle, you're such a good friend. thank you for the very sweet shout out. would you like this article in hand so you can put it in your press folder as your name is in it and your kinds words... just say the word and i'll send one over.