Jan 26, 2008

Rain in LA!

It has been raining in LA for almost a week straight! Considering that last years rainfall totals were less than Death Valley, all of this moisture is much needed! I am mighty impressed with the amounts that have fallen so far! See how full the bird bath is there on the table! Its cup has runneth over!

You would think that with all of the dark skies and torrential downpours that I would be happily knitting in front of the fire. Nope. Not if the hubbs has anything to say about it! Today we begin the mad dash to get all of our taxes bits and pieces collected and entered onto the Excel cheat sheet that is neatly tallied and handed to our tax preparer.

Maybe tomorrow, if the rain persists, I will get to live the dream. Well, my dream at least! ;) Hope you are keeping warm and dry today!

1 comment:

Diana Evans said...

that is a wonderful photo...and I love the rain...today it has been snowing here in Canada...and it's the pretty soft huge flakes that make me think I am dreaming as they dance to the ground...

Have a wonderful day!