Jan 10, 2008

Knitting makes me happy!!

I have been spending quality knitting time and have gotten some fun gifts completed. I find myself up at midnight trying desperately to complete a section of a pattern, or just trying to make headway on length. The more I knit, the better I understand it. Like anything else I suppose! Practice makes better, not perfect in this case!! I am still learning!! I knit the above cat from a pattern off of Knitty. It was a fun piece, and will be a gift for an upcoming birthday (I wont say more to try not to ruin the surprise!).

I finally finished the snake I started last year for my niece! Her 2nd birthday was a few days ago, and she loved it. I will have to work on the sizing of the mouth to make future versions less lippy! There is a lot of mouth there, and even more hidden! I had to seriously sew into the red and make it about 60% of what it was, and it is still huge! This was inspired by the Zoe Mellor snake pattern in one of her books a friend had, but I like to knit in the round and so decided to make my own. How hard could it be right? Well, that mouth is a perfect example! LOL

I also knit this Monkey (seen here with momma Jamey) for Miss Abby for Christmas. Another learning experience for sure! I also just finished knitting a neck warmer for myself (blocking and then I will show), and am in the middle of a small teddy bear, and a zebra for another little one. I have so many friends who are expecting, and with so many babies on the way, I am making as many knitted gifts as I can! Feed the yarn addiction, while being productive! I like that!

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Anonymous said...

*gasp* You made those?? The snake came out so fab.!
You Rock.

Emilee said...

Those are SO CUTE!

Beth said...

Happy New Year....

and wow...the knitting is GREAT !!!

and those commissions were beautiful and full of love !!