Feb 12, 2008

I cant adequately express how excited I am to have recently discovered Hahnemuhle Fine Art Papers! Up until now I have been printing my prints on Glossy Epson 5 star photo paper, which is pretty gorgeous in its own right, but not really a true representation of my work. This new paper knocks my socks clean off! The color is lush and deep, and the weight is really lovely. So it is with great pride and joy I am announcing my new prints!!

I am starting off slow with the availability of the prints on this new paper. I have listed Allie, and am making a brand new piece available for the first time! Melora is one of my recent favorites! Printed on this paper, the color is unbelievable!

Also, I have gone through my remaining inventory of the glossy prints. I have listed all of them in a Clearance section in the shop. They are all up there now, so once these are gone, they are gone. If you have a favorite you would like to see offered on the new paper, please leave a comment here!

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studio lolo said...

This is stunning! Looks like a colorful tatoo :D

Alyice said...

Thanks for the heads up on the paper. I am going to have to check it out myself. I'm just starting to play with collage, but I've wanted a nicer paper to make prints of photos on, so that I could use them in collage.