Mar 11, 2006

Are you looking for a little inspiration? If you are, make it a point to check out Tongue in Cheek. Corey Amaro is an American who has lived in France for the past 18 years with her French husband and their children. Forget that her story is so romantic that it will make your heart flutter, the images and stories Corey shares are steeped in history and always accompanied by fantastic, captivating photos. Her blog is full of of 19th century French antiques, family experiences and wisdom. All of the beautiful things she finds throughout her journeys around the world are described with poetic prose and her knowledge of antiques and their original uses is fascinating. She finds beauty around every corner! You will love it!!!

All photos courtesy of Corey Amaro

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Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Oh!! Thank you! You make me look good! Oh!