Mar 6, 2006

At first glance you might think you are seeing a clear and beautiful landscape. But look again! Rachael Sudlows incredible "Cowscapes" are intriguing and mesmerizing. Once you have identified the subject of each image there is almost a nagging anticipation of movement. I have the sense that at any moment the cow is going to lift its head, with a mouthful of grass, and casually turn and walk away.

Born in Lawrence, Kansas Rachael has been greatly inspired by the land and animals that inhabit the prairie. This experience is something she drew from during her attendance at the Rhode Island School of Design, from which she graduated in 2005 with a BFA in Photography. She has also been heavily influenced by her painter grandfather, Robert Sudlow.

Rachaels Cowscapes are available in a number of different sizes. Email her for purchase info.

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