Apr 25, 2006

Pop Experiment

I recently got in touch with Zach over at Pop Experiment. I somehow stumbled upon the site and loved the ecclectic mix of artists he has listed in the Visual Arts section (including Kenichi Hoshine, who I recently featured on Creative Swoon). Agnes2 is up there representing me! Take a scroll through the work at PE. It is wonderful to see all the talent busting their butts out there!


cutiepie said...

I like ur blog. Come check out mine. It's:


Plz leave a comment on how you feel.


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Wonderful!! I love this image!!

jenny vorwaller said...

ohhhhh wow. this one is amazing!!

and hello! im jenny, nice to meet you! i've read about you on decor8 and now abigail percy mentioned you and now i have an *even longer* wish list on etsy, if that's possible! ;) is this peice available? if so...i'm interested!

those blue birds...swooon.