Apr 23, 2006

Wedding Portraits

These are a couple of commissions I recently finished. I am so excited about them. One is 8"x10" and the other, of the couple dancing, is 16"x20". Both are portraits intended to be given as wedding gifts.

My favorite wedding portrait that I have done is called Jamey and Adam. At the time of the commission I had not met either of them, but in the nearly 2 years since their nuptuals we have become great friends. It is fun for me to look at that piece now and see all of the background items and how they truly do represent these two. I got to know them through another persons eyes before we ever shared laughs over sushi!

The season is upon us! Dahm Dahm Da-Dahm . . .


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

you have such an eye for detail and such a heart for love!

joy said...

those are really cool!