Aug 24, 2006

Heart me, Baby!

I am of the habit of checking the stats for my sites pretty much everyday. And with Etsy, that means seeing who Hearts you. It is nice to be hearted, becasue then you know someone cares. I like it very much.

And so I have noticed over the past 2 days I have been at 199 hearts! One more and I will have exceeded every expectaion that I ever could have had going into this crazy art endevour! So am I offering a little incentive!

Whoever is the 200th Hearter will get 15% off their next purchase!
Runners up 201 and 202 will get 10% off!
Must be used by midnight Sept 10th.

You can see who hearts me here!

(If you are registering for a new Etsy account, please put MCaplan in the refferal box!)


Anonymous said...

I have a heart-on for you :)

Paulette said...

Dang it! I already hearted you the other day. Now I can't heart you and be #202. Shoot! Oh well....absolutely love your work by the way!!! It's gorgeous!

Holly said...

I created an account, went to your store (found you via Skirt Mag) and immediately hearted you. Then I checked out your blog and see this. So I went back (via your link) to see what # you're up to and it's 210!! YAY for you - I hope you feel the love!!! Great to "meet" you and off to check it all out now.

Deanna said...

Yay! I was 201! I'm so excited. I've never hearted anybody before...