Aug 22, 2006

SPC: Small Space

peeking thru blinds-8-22-06

I took a month off of participating in the SPC out of pure distraction. So much going on, and preparing for FC, and then our trip. I kind of get this feeling that even though we are a cyber community, it is very evident when someone goes MIA and is distracted by their offline life. It is summer, and so lots of people are traveling and spending more time away from home, then in front of the keyboard. It will be interesting to see how loud the community hum gets once school has begun!

I had my husband take this photo for me this morning. I was trying to think what kind of small space I often find myself in, and I realize that because my studio is right by the front door, I am constantly adjusting the blinds to avoid having to talk to sales people and realtors! These people LOOOOOVE knocking on the door during the day and discussing your property value blah blah blah, because this is what you want to discuss with a total stranger.

It is all a sales pitch, and I would just rather not be distracted. I do not need a new vacuum, and if I did, in 2006, I would go to the store to get one! I wouldn't open the door to the salesman and thank him for his miraculous timing because, hey, I was just about to clean the house (anyone who knows me, stop laughing!) and darn it all, the Dyson just exploded! (knock wood) What decade is this???

So. . . . This is the scene you might see if you were to approach my home unannounced. Me, peeking through the blinds, trying hard not to make the floor creak as I walk ever so carefully to the kitchen so you wont see me at my desk as you look in the windows to get my attention! The nerve!


shandyking said...

Thats just spooky!

LeS said...

"go away, don't come round here no more."
Your title drew me right in and your photo (and story) are great!

Funky Finds said...

you are totally cracking me up today!

Colorsonmymind said...

I like it a lot. I also like the talking heads song.

athena said...

haha. i loved the title you gave your entry on the spc site. i just had to click on it!! i have to admit that i hate it when sales people knock on my door too. i once had a pair of salesmen knock on my door wanting to sell cleaning products. i told them i would buy it if they would clean my house, LOL. they did. and so i bought their product. ah well. you've given me ideas on what i should do next. bravo! haha.

Anonymous said...

Michelle is blind now.

Georgia said...

This made me laugh :) I hate hate hate door to door salesmen... even get irritated with the kids who try to sell me candy bars or whatever for 5$ a pop... i could totally walk to the store and buy 10 of them for that price! :)

mcaplan said...

Well, at least I am not alone!!!

Thank you for sharing your stories and for all of the lovely comments!