Nov 30, 2006

Felt Club Fundraising!!

I think I may have had my head up in the clouds for the past few weeks! I didn't realize that the Felt Club was holding a fundraising raffle for a LIFETIME SUBSCRITION to The Sampler until this very moment. Of course the time to purchase a raffle ticket or two ends tonight, so you had better get your buy on! If you aren't sure what The Sampler is, I am happy to share! It is an uber-cool monthly mailing of fun and cool crafty items, from 1 inch buttons to candles, etc made by some oth the coolest crafters out there! The subscriptions sell out super fast, so this is a great prize!! It will be like getting a little present every month, for the rest of your life! So dont be a dope! Enter the raffle! NOW!!!!

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