Nov 27, 2006

So glad to be home!

I hope that everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! We certainly managed to over cook, and over eat! While I really enjoy traveling and gettng to hang out with friends in NY, I am SO glad to be home!!! It was just a week, but I feel like I was gone for a month! For a person who works at home and spends a lot of time in the quiet of my studio, being out of the house and running around NY really knocked me on my ass! I know it sounds coo coo, but it is totally true! I am happy to be home!

The Saturday before I left I participated in the Sous Le Soleil home boutique in Pasadena. I took lots of photos that you can check out on my Flickr. There were lots of really cool vendors tere! I had a blast and met some awesome people! Thank you Tyn!!

I also have finally uploaded the photos from the Apartment Therapy Fall Colors Contest party at Turquiose! They can be seen here.

I am working hard to get caught up! Amazing how much stuff can pile up in a week! TTFN!

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tyn said...

Thank you for participating!! esp. with the schedule you have been leading.